Agropolis Commodities Group is a provider and marketer of high quality products in the agricultural sector. Our company was originally founded with the prime aim of becoming a key player in the global sunflower seeds and oil business. We are mainly specialized in providing agricultural commodities and professional logistics services at competitive rates. Our major capability is designed to managed the delivery of products, dealing with the market’s aims, which helps us to establish a dominant position in the ever-changing market world.

About us

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Agropolis Commodities Group has established relationships with local producers in Bulgaria and the entire Black Sea region. We have different clients from Europe, North Africa, Asia and North America. Our company offers a wide range of agricultural products and efficient, first-class services which meet the requirements of our clients. Our company office is located in Bulgaria, Sofia.
In the agricultural market, we are involved in the production process of agricultural commodities, warehousing services and logistic solutions.